The Fish On Story!

Fish On! Guide Service was established by Captain Reed Striegel, who began his illustrious journey on Lake Cumberland in 2001. Over two decades, Captain Striegel has skillfully crafted an array of unforgettable experiences for a host of satisfied anglers from across the nation.

A decorated veteran, Captain Striegel's extensive service with the U.S. Navy and Air Force, including engagements in the Vietnam War and Operations Noble Eagle and Iraqi Freedom, has instilled a commitment to excellence and camaraderie at Fish On!.

Embracing the baton of leadership in 2016, Captain Chris Knight continued the legacy. A fellow veteran and kindred spirit in the angling community, Captain Knight honed his expertise under Captain Striegel's watchful eye, ensuring the continuity of an esteemed tradition.

Today, Captain Knight, with the Coast Guard Captain's license and a treasure trove of knowledge, steers Fish On! into a promising future. His dedication to maintaining the high standards of the service is unwavering, as is his commitment to delivering peerless fishing adventures on the serene waters of Lake Cumberland.

Join us, and be part of our continuing story!

Captain Reed Striegel